We Provide

Turnkey Engineering Maintenance Services

That Align With Your Business Goals



Trackless mining equipment is critical to the production system.

In an industry where mining operations are slowly becoming hybrid with the introduction of mechanized equipment; budgets carefully crafted and costs closely monitored, our clients will depend on us to provide TURNKEY engineering maintenance services that align with their business goals.

In underground mines, trackless mining equipment is critical to production system. Drill rigs for development and production, vehicles for charging holes, LHD’s for loading and transportation, scaling rigs and rigs for reinforcement and cable bolting are all important units in the process to generate a continuous ore flow. For today’s mining companies, high equipment availability is essential to reduce operational and capital cost and to maintain high production.

Our TURNKEY engineering maintenance services include underground workshop management, planning/scheduling of LHD’s and Rigs, preventative/predictive maintenance, and stores/spares/integrated supply and craft personnel and supervision.

Our Mission

Is to provide superior and comprehensive engineering solutions to the mining industry.

Our Vision

As a wholly black-owned company, our vision is to be a recognized performance leader in turnkey engineering maintenance solutions. Our highly motivated, competent and industry-leading safety-oriented professionals help inspire, provide solutions and consistently meet our customers’ expectations.

Our Services

Turnkey Engineering Maintenance

Our scope of services covers a wide range of mechanical and electrical engineering services on LHD’s and Rigs. LHD’s include: EJC115, EJC777, LH205, LH208, LH207, LH410, LH209, LH517, LH514. Drill Rigs include: Axera LP 126, DD210, DD320.

Underground Workshop Management

We can provide on-site teams of highly experienced and motivated artisans to carry the day-to-day servicing of equipment and as well offer our clients an integrated stores and spares supply.

Surface Workshop

We are large enough to accommodate the most demanding requirement but small enough to care for our clients on a one to one basis. Our Surface workshop is fully equipped. and designed to cater for complete rebuild of machinery.